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LITTLE FERRY, NJ — Imagine for a moment you are the world’s strongest protector—TITAN, an invincible superhero who cannot be harmed by knife, bullet or bomb.  Now, imagine Titan’s mortal, regular-guy alter ego is told he has cancer and is dying.  What then?

That’s the premise of “The Mighty Titan,” a 5-issue comic book series created by Joe Martino and his publishing company, JGM Comics.  Joe knows intimately what it’s like to deal with cancer— he’s been diagnosed and has beaten the disease… twice.

“I created ‘The Mighty Titan’ during my first bout with kidney cancer,” says Joe, who’s been writing and illustrating comics since he was ten.  “It was tough to take my personal experiences and put them on paper to entertain while giving people a glimpse of what I and other cancer survivors I’ve talked to have gone through battling this deadly disease.  It’s our way of dealing.”

Many comic book industry veterans have helped Mr. Martino realize his vision.  Issue #1 features a cover by legendary artist Jerry Ordway, colored by Danielle Alexis St Pierre.  Other cover art has been created by notables Jamal Igle, John Byrne, Bob McLoed and Phil Jimenez.  “The Mighty Titan” also boasts the talent of pencillers Luca Cicchitti and Cory Smith, inker Jeff Austin, colorist Keith J. Betancourt and letterer Johnny Lowe.

Make no mistake: even with its themes of vulnerability, loss and hope, “The Mighty Titan” is a fun superhero comic with vile villains, giant mechas and amazing mythological creatures.  With just under two weeks to go until his KickStarter campaign ends, Mr. Martino has over 200 backers who have pledged about half his goal of $10,000.  As with all KickStarter crowdfunding campaigns, if the total goal amount is not met by the deadline, the project is cancelled and receives no funding.

Concludes Joe, “I’m doing this comic series for my kids, Alyssa and Vincent.  How we deal with misfortune defines us. I want them to know that, and never give up… just like Titan.”




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