Adam Post’s


College of the Dead is a horrific graphic novel series, a gruesome cross between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad; set on a college campus.

Russian-born Professor Rosa Demikov teaches students by day and sells them drugs at night. Her clandestine operation is jeopardized just as the undead rise in the collegiate town to feast upon innocent students… and anyone else with living brain tissue! Holed up in the Science Building as zombies assault the college, Demikov must use her wits-as well as her unsuspecting students-to protect her operation and plan her escape. Hoards of zombies begin take over the college on their way to destroying the world.






500 Things Books

APMG CEO Adam Post developed a popular line of branded pet gift book titles encompassing 500 Things My Cat Told Me, 500 Things My Dog Told Me, 500 Things My Horse Told Me, and 500 Things My Penguin Told Me.  APMG also owns the upcoming Email from My Cat, Email from my Dog, and Email from My Horse gift book titles.  These books are loved by all ages.


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APMG Character Group

The APMG Character Group is a massive collection of more than five hundred unique characters with origins, powers (or no powers) and histories featuring vampires, a talking dog, super-heroes, super-villains, sentient robots, a billionaire playgirl, a paramecium, angels, pirates, witches, thieves, martial arts masters, rock stars, CIA agents, aliens, princesses, a sorceress, ghosts, a former art student, a dishwasher, an imp, a slug, a librarian, and more than you can imagine. It took months for a team of thirty separate writers, with additional development by comic-book-universe-guru and former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Jim Shooter to complete the first draft of our character bible. The APMG Character Group was designed to be an integrated universe of characters with characters having interrelated histories and relationships and endless possibilities for further future development based in real time on our present day Earth.  It is our largest undertaking to date.






Personality Comics Properties

APMG owns and controls the rights to an innovative line of biographical comic books selling in excess of 1,000,000 copies, featuring Babe Ruth, The Beatles, Martin Luther King, Jr., Sean Connery, Marilyn Monroe, William Shatner and over one hundred other titles.  Featuring work by John Tartaglione (artist for the Life of Pope John Paul II for Marvel Comics,)  Joe Sinnot (artist for Marvel Comics,) Dan Didio (currently Co-Publisher of DC Comics,) Jimmy Palmiotti (artist for Marvel and DC Comics) and others.





Slinky Books Properties

APMG entered into a co-funded partnership with Slinky (a division of Poof-Slinky, Inc.) with the plan to create a line of four unique coloring-story books to introduce multiple new branded Slinky properties.  We’ve produced four coloring story-books, introducing new multiple classic characters under four unique subsidiary brands including Slinky Aliens, Slinky Farm, Slinky Force, and Slinky Monsters.  Slinky’s most famous branded character, Slinky Dog is a prominent character featured in Disney’s Toy Story franchise.  The upcoming “Toy Story 3,” the third installment of the children’s movie franchise, is expected to bring retailers $2.4 billion in sales.





Triumphant Comics Properties

The first comic book universe co-created by APMG’s CEO, Adam Post was the Triumphant Comics Universe, a true triumph of science fiction.  Unlike most of its competitors, Triumphant didn’t go for a conventional superhero universe: it is a complex, interconnected science fiction saga. All of the titles (Riot GuardScavengersDoctor ChaosPrince Vandal, and Chromium Man) are set in The Realm, an interstellar empire in a distant galaxy with absolutely no connection to our Earth.   Over 1,000 pages of story and artwork were created in fifty separate issues.   All rights and characters in the Triumphant Universe were later acquired by Platinum Stuidos, the comics-to-film producers of the major motion picture COWBOYS & ALIENS., wholly-owned by APMG is the first branded social media property and is currently under development by APMG.